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—Inspiration move us brightly…

Deadheads are a community that transcends all walks of life; where we live, what we do, and what kind of jobs we have. There is a link to one another through the music, lyrics and experiences that is special.

“Strangers Stopping Strangers… just to shake their hands” is a podcast adventure within the community to discuss the music, how it shaped us in the past and today, with connections to songs, shows, and people.

Everyone has their story that makes up their soundtrack. Looking forward to sharing experiences with friends, family, and—of course—all the former strangers I meet along the way.

Please check it out, and enjoy this journey with me…..


—Such a long long time to be gone, and a short time to be there…

#1 Introduction & Welcome

Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast with Staci Smith

Podcast #30- Drew Moss

Podcast #30 – Drew Moss~ Bound To Cover Just A Little More Ground

This weeks podcast I get to talk to Drew Moss, an all around fantastic & gracious man I have been fortunate to get to know.

Drew and I met through some mutual friends in the Deadhead community  Wall Street Dead aHead, he is the third friend from this amazing group to be on the podcast, and I am sure will be far from the last!

Drew is a true renaissance man, with all of his roads leading back to philosophies he has absorbed from the music and lyrics of The Grateful Dead.

We talk about how this way of looking at life is instrumental with all the hats that Drew wears  throughout his story. Working with students and preparing them for college ~ pursuing his passion project, a documentary on post Jerry Garcia/ Grateful Dead music and bands ~ making new friends to jam with ~his outlook on future generations of Deadheads keeping the wheel turning , bound to cover just a little more ground!

Throughout the podcast as always a fantastic music selection is played. Some of these shows were pick from his live experiences, and some he picked because they are the songs and shows that inspire Drew on a daily basis.

To learn more about Drew- check out his website at 

Thank you for tuning in ~ and enjoy!

Featured Music-

Grateful Dead- Cumberland Blues- Europe 72-The  Lyceum, London England, May 26, 1972/

Grateful Dead- RFK Stadium, Philadelphia PA, Hell in a Bucket July 7, 1989

Grateful Dead- Deal, Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY May 8, 1977

Grateful Dead- Truckin’ – Alligator Alley Gymnasium, University of Florida, Gainesville FL, November 29, 1980

Grateful Dead Not Fade Away- Rich Stadium, Orchard Park NY July 4, 1989






Podcast #30- Conversation with Drew Moss

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #29- Conversation with Leo Gauthier

Podcast #29- Leo Gauthier

This weeks podcast is an person conversation- so I really got to shake Leo’s hand- well, actually we welcomed each other like family with a big hug!

Leo shares his stories, that begin with him literally getting on a bus in Worcester MA for his first show October 21,1983, where a whole new world was waiting to greet him. Walking into the sights ,smells & family atmosphere, it was ON……when The Music Never Stopped opened the show, it really was the beginning of the music never stopping for Leo!

Leo takes us through his early days as a teenager in New England- onto tour in the late 80’s. There is so much ground to cover we do a speed round of highlights from 87′- 95′. In 1995 after his last Grateful Dead show, the saying when a door closes a window opens proves to be the case. Leo shares his stories about promoting music for Slipknot in New England,  Dick’s Pick parties and the rest of the journey that led up to this day.

Leo is still pursuing his passion for promoting the music and Deadhead community, you can catch up with what he has going on via his Facebook page- Leo Gauthier Productions- website soon to follow.

As always, so much fun to meet a stranger- shake their hand – and now have someone that is a friend- and a local one at that!

Thank you for tuning in- and enjoy!

Featured Music-

Grateful Dead- Music Never Stopped, The Centrum, Worcester MA October 21, 1983

Grateful Dead- Morning Dew, MSG, NYC, NY September 18, 1987

Grateful Dead- Help on the Way- Slipknot- Franklin’s Tower June 22, 1995

Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias- Fire on the Mountain Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, November 1, 1979






Podcast #29- Conversation with Leo Gauthier

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #28- Conversation Jesse Jarnow

Podcast #28- Conversation with Jesse Jarnow

This weeks podcast with Jesse Jarnow- journalist and author of Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America was awesome to get to make & have no doubt it will be a fun listen!

Jesse and I talk start off the conversations with some characters from in his book, that have influenced psychedelia’s world culture & The Grateful Dead’s involvements in the journey. We talk about his early days with music, discovering the Grateful Dead- and his experience at a show in NYC. Being a journalist, music, and looking for interesting off the beat topics to explore with readers, and finally his thoughts on music with future generations of both musicians and listeners alike.

This podcast is fantastic- not only for the insightful conversations- but per all the podcasts for the MUSIC too! Jesse selected 5 songs that including recently released recordings of Jerry Garcia in 1962 with a band called the Hart Valley Drifters- a tape of Jerry and Phil playing Wandering Man – The Grateful Dead experimenting with the so-called Beautiful Jam at The Capitol Theater in 1971- Jerry’s rendition of Accidentally Like A Martyr recorded in 1977, and finally Robert Hunter singing Box of Rain from the album Jack o’ Roses. I heard all of these songs for the first time while creating this podcast- I would imagine there will be some first time listening out there for you too!

I have attached Jesse’s website that includes information about pieces he has written – and where to find them- and of course the book is

Heads : A Biography of Psychedelic America- available at bookstores and online.

Thank you for tuning in- and enjoy!

Featured Music-

Hart Valley Drifters ( Jerry Garcia) – Sitting On Top Of the World, Folk Time Album, Palo Alto, CA, 1962

Jerry Garcia & Phil Lesh- Wandering Man, Los Angeles CA, 1966

Grateful Dead- so called Beautiful Jam, The Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY, February 18, 1971

Jerry Garcia Accidentally Like A Martyr – All Good Things Box Set, August 1977

Robert Hunter- Box of Rain, Jack o’ Roses, 1980




Podcast #28- Conversation with Jesse Jarnow

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #27- Conversation with Wendy Rutland

Podcast #27- Wendy Rutland

This weeks podcast with Wendy Rutland was a blast to make! Wendy and I meeting is an awesome example of a stranger meeting a stranger & immediately becoming friends with being Deadheads being the common denominator. Wendy, has spent 20 years working in the film industry.  Her passion is music and was worked with a number of big artists. Wendy has a 7 yo son who is a walking Beatles Encyclopedia, she hopes to bring him to see Dead & Co in the near future. Nothing makes Wendy happier than ample space for hardcore dancing

After “meeting” on phone we decided to make the podcast 30 minutes later- a pretty big feat for Wendy- a Deadhead with such a vast amount of love for the music to make song selections & a treasure trove of stories to pick though- I think she did an amazing job!

Wendy picked out some songs that resonate with her on a daily level- her feelings behind the choices  & chose some amazing tales to share. She take us from Alaska with some Acid Test reenactments. Egypt where she lived and paid homage to the 1978 tour, England where she was living the day Jerry died and she discovered her picture in the Dozin’ at the Nick artwork, and finally an incredibly fun story in NYC including Howard Stern- a tube top- and a chance to win tickets to see The Dead play with Steve Miller at Giant Stadium.

I had so much fun to get to know Wendy and looking forward to some hi jinks together down the Golden Road.


Grateful Dead- Terrapin Station, Gizah Sound and Light Theater, Giza Egypt, September 15, 1978

Grateful Dead- Viola Lee Blues, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 1967

Grateful Dead- Viola Lee Blues, The Arc, Boston MA, April 21, 1969

Grateful Dead- High Times, Workingmans Dead



Podcast #27- Conversation with Wendy Rutland

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #26- Conversation with Jeff Rosen

Podcast #26- Jeff Rosen- 

This weeks podcast with Jeff Rosen was a really fun conversation- lots of laughing! Jeff were put in touch while I was in CA through our mutual friends Kat and Morgan – as the guy I needed to talk to – to sweet talk myself into a couple tickets to see Stu Allen & Mars Hotel for New Years Eve  2016 into 2017 in Marin County.

We spoke, and a few minutes into the call, he was going to make it happen! Jeff is a chef and a caterer in Northern Ca, and regularly hosts an evening called dinner and a show. He includes friends that enjoy the music scene, invites a great band & cooks up some dinner for everyone. A passion for live music+ his talents as a chef= I am sure a great night for all!

My sister and I ended up going, and having the BEST time! AMAZING band- fantastic little venue- great food & free water- what more could a girl ask for to welcome in 2017!

Jeff told me a bit about his story, an East Coast transplant to California, touring in 1980’s- and a music enthusiast for over 35 years, I called him when I got back- and here we are!

I am sure you will enjoy Jeff’s journey as much as I did, filled with lots of adventures, fabulous shows- as always wonderful music selections.


Grateful Dead- Bird Song, Radio City Music Hall ,NYC NY October 31, 1980

Grateful Dead- Lost Sailor- Saint of Circumstance Broome County Arena, Binghampton NY, April 12, 1983

Grateful Dead- Cold Rain And Snow- Hershey Park, Hersey PA,  June 28, 1985

Grateful Dead- Far From Me- Town Park, Telluride CO, August 16, 1987



Podcast #26- Conversation with Jeff Rosen

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #25- Conversation with Jill Matlow

Podcast #25- Jill Matlow

This weeks podcast with Jill Matlow is filled with love-memories- family – friends and the magic that surrounds being a Deadhead!

Jill’s story starts out listening to some vinyl shared by her older cousins- which turns into a 30 + year love affair with the music and community.

Her first show in college in Ithaca in 1982 began the live music portion of her story- which followed her back to Philadelphia and the love story is officially was ON!

We get to hear about fun stories at Giant Stadium- and Grateful Dead busting out the elusive Unbroken Chain on their last run at The Spectrum.

When Fare Thee Well comes along- Jill tapped into her creative side and decorated her colorful envelopment -ala past days of Grateful Dead lottery shows- and got tickets to go to Chicago for July 4! Her experience there exudes the lyrics from that nights song pick Stella Blue- and “all the years combined- they melt into a dream”

Jill is a writer, you can find work her at www.fiftyis I have attached 2 additional links below, for articles she has written about her life as a Deadhead.

I am always so happy to meet new friends through Strangers Stopping Strangers,  Jill and I now have a date on the books to meet up at Tree of Life show on February 25  (link on Rob Rosman’s podcast #23) to hear some great music and make some more memories!


Grateful Dead- Eyes Of The World- Onodaga Auditorium, Ithaca NY, April  8, 1982

Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street, Giant Stadium, Rutherford NJ, July 9, 1989

Grateful Dead-Unbroken Chain, The Sprectrum,  Philadelphia PA, March 19, 1995

Fare Three Well- Stella Blue, Soldiers Field, Chicago IL, July 4, 2015




Podcast #25- Conversation with Jill Matlow

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #24- Conversation with Rick Bedell

Podcast #24- Rick Bedell

Todays Podcast is the first one of 2017- Happy New Year Everyone!!

This weeks podcast is Rick Bedell- a friend that I met this past November, through his live streaming 24/7 radio station- Fish Creek Radio. When I looked up the site and saw the philosophical statements- Art is Music and Music is Art & Borderless Music Therapy  I knew I needed to meet this guy and dig in a little deeper! A few days after we spoke, he put the podcast onto his Saturday, otherwise know as “Deadurday” at the esteemed 4:20 time spot! Since then we have become friends, and I have learned a bit about what led him to this day. I asked if he wanted to be a guest and share- and here we are!

Strangers Stopping Stranger’s podcast belongs to the guest and what they want to share with the community. Many have followed the sequences of shows they have attended- stories about those adventures. Because each deadhead is unique, their podcast is as well- and will continue to be so. Rick picked out a few of the songs that are significant to him- and meaningful as to how he lives his life. They are all stellar versions, chosen from live sow albums. Mid way through our conversation, I realized that this was so fitting for the first podcast of 2017. I not only learned about Rick, but took away some beautiful insights, that will hopefully stay with me as we roll into the new year.

We talk about Fishcreek Radio- his passion, what they do-  the people involved who are “really a bunch of hippies in Michigan” having the best time creating interesting music selections  for the world to enjoy- I have attached the link below for you to check out!

As always- thank you for listening- enjoy- and cheers to 2017!


Grateful Dead- Jack Straw- Go To Nassau, Nassau Coliseum , Uniondale NY, May 15/16 1980

Jerry Garcia Band- Orpheum Theater, San Francisco CA, May 21, 1976

Grateful Dead- When I Paint My Masterpiece- Knickerbocker Area, Albany NY, March 24-26, 1990

Grateful Dead- We Can Run, Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford NJ, October 14, 1989

Jerry Garcia Band-My Sisters and Brothers, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA, August 1, 1990




Podcast #24- Conversation with Rick Bedell

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #23- Conversation with Rob Rosman

Podcast #23- Conversation with Rob Rosman

This weeks podcast with Rob Rossman is filled with almost 30 years of CONTINIOUS stories filled with live music & friendships within community.

Rob and I met through Dead Minute Man- a page on FB which is 100% pictures -videos and streaming live music, ranging from small local venues/ bands, to big concerts at stadiums /coliseums/festivals  etc, a place for people to share and see what’s happening on a daily basis with fun LIVE MUSIC!

Rob’s story starts in Philly- where he saw some incredible concerts (Live Aid in 1985!) His first Dead Show was at the Spectrum in 1987- and he was on his way! Throughout the years Rob  continued to tour and see as much great music as possible- not one to take a break after 1995 when Jerry passed on- he stayed on  riding on the bus full steam! His podcast’s show experiences span from Grateful Dead in 1989, to Phil and Friends monumental show at The Warfield in 1999- up to sharing his love of the music and community with his daughter at Furthur in 2012.

Along the way he has made friendships with both fellow deadheads, and musicians within the thriving music scene. His relationships with the musicians have manifested with their support of a concert that he produces for his third annual Tree of Life Benefit at Rough Trade in NYC- February 25, 2017. The benefit is proceeds go 100% to support the Fern Cliff Manor, which is a residential community for children with developmental disabilities. Rob talks a bit about the line up – which is rather mind blowing- and his connections to the organization. I have attached links for the benefit and Fern Cliff Manor below- so please check them out- and make the trip to NYC if you can- It’s going to be an memorable day and night- for an amazing cause.

As always- Please Enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Blow Away- RFK Stadium, Philadelphia PA, July 7, 1989

Grateful Dead- It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Lot To Cry, MSG, NYC, NY, September 10, 1991

Grateful Dead- Brown Eyed Woman, Richfield Coliseum, Richfield OH, March 14, 1993

Phil and Friends – Stella Blue, Warfield Theater, San Francisco CA, April 16, 1999

Phil and Friends- Let me Sing Yer Blues Away- Wellmont Theater, Montclair NJ, November 7, 2012

Furthur-Going Down The Road Feeling Bad- We Bid You Goodnight- Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 30, 2012




Podcast #23- Conversation With Rob Rosman

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #22- Conversation with Matt Day- Deadhead From Down Under

Podcast #22- Conversation with Matt Day- Deadhead from Down Under

This weeks podcast is Strangers Stopping Strangers first international guest!

Matt lives in Byron Bay, Australia- connecting one another is the really the ultimate in “stranger meeting a stranger”- and “weir are everywhere” all in one!

Matt’s story is a fun one! As this podcast goes, we start at the beginning- finding Grateful Dead music, beyond the classic studio releases- in Melbourne in the mid 1980’s was a bit of a challenge, but did not deter Matt from his path to becoming a committed Deadhead! A couple deadheads come into his life, and leave behind some tapes- and the rest really was history.

Matt’s stories take us to the US, some stories a little sketchy for a young guy hailing from the beaches of pre-urbanized Melbourne, and of course some stories are filled with crazy road trip adventures filled with love & magic- which has him coming back to see the music and be part of the community -as often as he can. In the middle of all these memories , Matt tells us about his Grateful Dead radio show, I think is a dream for all us deadheads !

Before the podcast- after we met and became friends, Matt shared with me an essay he wrote from his experience at Fare Thee Well Summer 2015.  It is so beautiful- and brought me right along as if I was in his pocket. I am sharing this for you to as well- the link is attached.  matt-day-fare-thee-well

As always- Enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Wharf Rat, Fillmore East, New York, NY, April 27 1971 * Skull and Roses

Grateful Dead- Bird Song, Great Western Forum, Inglewood CA, December 9, 1989 * Without A Net

Furthur- Mountain Song-I Know You Rider, Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco CA, December 31, 2010

Phil and Friends, Fire On The Mountain, Terrapin Crossings, San Rafael CA, December 19, 2014


Podcast #22- Matt Day

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #21- Conversation with Chuck Harris

Podcast #21- Chuck Harris- SUPER FAN

This weeks podcast’s guest I think is best described as a SUPER FAN- of The Grateful Dead- of music and of life.

The reason we met one could say is circumstantially less than ideal- but since we have connected, first on email, than text and now over phone, has been very impactful- in the best way possible,

Chuck stumbled upon the podcast while receiving treatments. He is a voracious listener of music – always- but while in treatment  he explains how the music takes him to San Francisco’s  Winter land in 1972 or to MSG in 1988- really all over the world- at every and any time. He loves the deadhead community, and was so happy to listen to the stories and music together on Strangers Stopping Strangers podcast!

I am one of MANY people who have entered into Chucks life in recent years. People that have added to his therapy through the music & community. There are some pretty incredible names in this line up- but I’ll save that for Chuck to share. These stories are just a small selection of all the amazing support- love &music that has embraced him.

A true ray of light- who uses more emoji’s in his correspondence – to exude as much LOVE-MUSIC-MAGIC-DANCING-as possible (I thought I was liberal with them :)! ) He is one of the most passionate and grateful people I have spoken to- and such an honor to hear and share some stories and music !!

Please enjoy!


        Jerry Garcia Band- After Midnight – Kean College, Union County NJ, February 28, 1980  ***-After Midnight- Eleanor Rigby-        After Midnight Reprise on Music Only Companion

Grateful Dead- The Victim Or The Crime, Miami Arena, Miami FL, October 26, 1989

Phil Lesh and Friends-St Stephen, Lockin Music Festival, Oakridge Farm, Arrington VI, August 28, 2016

Chris Robinson Brotherhood -Poor Elijah / Tribute To R.Johnson, Beachland Ballroom, Clevland OH, September 25, 2016



Podcast #21- Chuck Harris

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #20- Conversation with Scott Guberman

Podcast #20- Conversation with Scott Guberman- Professional Musician

I am thrilled for this weeks podcast with Scott Guberman- professional musician- keyboard and vocals. While the music played on the past 19 podcasts have ranged from Grateful Dead- to Grateful Dead incarnation bands- today you get to hear stories and music played all in one!

Scott shares his incredibly inspirational story filled with gratitude and nothing less than “pinch me I must be dreaming” feelings. His story beginning like many of us deadheads hearing a Grateful Dead show in the late 80’s- MSG New York – and leaving a person with a whole new perspective on music- and the magic you get from seeing the band play. Being a musician-experiencing the Dead- not only changed what he listen to- but what he played and was inspired by!

Years of playing with talented musicians on the East Coast gave Scott lots of experiences playing East Coast tours- was wonderful- but he still had his eye on playing with core Grateful Dead band members- so Scott and his wonderful wife decided to take a trip out to Northern California for a vacation- and see where life takes them!

The next part of the story is pure magic- and his dreams comes true-……and leads us into the music choices that are chosen to listen to today!

Thank you for listening- and ENJOY!

Scott Guberman Band- We Can Run- Berkley Music Festival August 12, 2016

Stu Allen and Friends- Estimated Prophet- Sweetwater Saloon, Mill Valley CA February 2, 2016

Scott Guberman Solo- Songs of Their Own-Darkstar


Podcast #20- Scott Guberman

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #19- Conversation with Taylor Swope-Artist & Owner Little Hippie

Podcast #19- Conversation with Taylor Swope- Artist & Owner if Little Hippie

This weeks podcast is an in person visit with Taylor Swope, artist and owner of Little Hippie- an amazing place to find creative Grateful Dead licensed  clothes- accessories- artwork – and more for free spirited families-

Taylor and I met up in Hartford CT to both get the personal experience of meeting each other, as well as to get the best sound quality – and it was a good call! We had so much fun, and I think this is the highest quality sound podcast  to date.

We get to chat about her days as a young teenager in CA discovering the Dead- her further deep dive upon returning to CT-the call back to the music and community post college & living abroad, and ultimately the inspiration that moved her brightly as an artist, and  business owner.

Along the journey we have some laughs, and touch on everything from meaningful lyrics, life on the road, festivals, our warm welcome to John Mayer, & how special the Deadhead community is passing torches from one generation to another for over 50 years.

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Fare Thee Well- Throwing Stones, Soldiers Field, Chicago IL, July 5, 2015

Dead and Company – Sugaree, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY, November 1 2015

Grateful Dead- I Will Take Home, Shoreline Mountain View CA, June 19, 1989


Podcast #19- Taylor Swope

Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #18- Coversation with Fat_Man_Rocks – AKA Dave the Lawyer

Podcast #18- Conversation with Fat_Man_Rocks- AKA Dave the Lawyer

This podcast is textbook for Strangers Stopping Strangers – a stranger meeting a stranger and hearing their stories, songs and magical experiences that brought him into the Deadhead community- hook, line and sinker!

Fat_Man _Rocks- is what I am consider a leader in the Grateful Dead Twitter community. He shows up everyday- often multiply times a day to share lyrics- pictures- and delivers an overall smile for people to enjoy-  and TONS & TONS of people follow him for this reason. There is no business- website- or anything commerce related to his tweets.  It is simply for the joy of it, for himself and the community!

Of course I wanted to know the man behind the Jerry avatar- and so here we are! We  get the chance to meet Dave, hear some fabulous stories from his experiences at shows- songs that were game changers- a couple birthday celebrations- and a classic road trip to Las Vegas in 1991!

This podcast was so fun to make- because Dave is that deadhead you met in the Shakedown Street section of the lot– shared a bowl & a dance with- and found out you were parked next to his car on the way out …..

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Comes A Time-The Other Ones- Criptical Envelope- Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati OH, June 24, 1985

Grateful Dead -Row Jimmy, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT March 26, 1987

Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street, Civic Arena, Pittsburg PA, April 2, 1989

Grateful Dead- Deal, Sam Silver Bowl, Las Vegas NV, April 28, 1991


Podcast #18- Fat_Man_Rocks- AKA Dave the Lawyer

Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #17 – Conversation with Michelle Rothe & Extra Guest Chicken Shack

Podcast #17- Conversation with Michelle Rothe & Extra Guest Chicken Shack

This weeks podcast is very special to me- and so fun to make! My guest is far from a stranger stopping a stranger, it is my first best friend, and big sister Michelle- so welcome to the family!

Michelle – as many older siblings, was very instrumental to me listening to the Dead, and wanting to go see a show. Our amazing Auntie Annie introduced us both to the music in our teen years… for both us the ties are steeped in family. Todays podcast starts with her adventures into the scene as a senior in high school, seeing The Grateful Dead at Laguna Seca Raceway in 1987- with me dying to tag alone… when I jumped onto the bus, and away we went down the rabbit hole!

Our conversation takes us through the late 80’s- early 90’s- highlighted with the Grateful Dead’s last New Year’s Eve show 1991 into 1992. Fast forwards to Michelle enjoying later New Years Furthur shows with her husband Chris – and to Dead and Company this past summer in 2016 at Fenway……a  journey that has been filled with love- memories , fun and a whole lot a dancing and shaking our family’s Shakedown Street.

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Touch of Grey, Laguna Seca Raceway, Laguna Seca Ca, May 9, 1987

Grateful Dead -Estimated Prophet, Cal Expo Ca, August 14, 1991

Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 31, 1991

Furthur- Shakedown Street, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 31, 2011

Dead and Company- Music Never Stopped, Fenway Park, Boston MA,  July 15, 2016

 ***- Please stay tuned post podcast for a stop in from Chicken Shack- He has some timely insights from Uncle Sam and our current state of US Blues

Podcast- #17- Conversation with Michelle Rothe & and Extra Guest Chicken Shack

Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast #16- Conversation with Scott W Allen

Podcast #16 Conversation with Scott W Allen

This weeks podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Scott W Allen- Deadhead- Teacher & Author!

Scott wrote the book Aces Back to Back, published in 1992. A second addition was released in early 2014, and Facebook page named Aces Back to Back- that was created to support- my first taste with Grateful Dead & Social Media. I read (and loved) the book, started followed the fantastic site and was HOOKED! I never knew there was an entire community on line with daily updates on music history, pictures, show links etc….since then it’s been a deep dive, that ultimately inspired this podcast, & wanting to “get into the conversation”.

Scott takes on his journey that “led up to this day”. His transition from being a rock n roll loving teenager going to concerts to his first Dead “show”. We hear about adventures throughout the years – travelling through the US, seeing the country and all those amazing shows along the way.  We talk about his hunt for some of the elusive songs the band held back through the 80’s- and pay out of hearing those first chords of St Stephen in 83′ at Nassau Coliseum  & Darkstar in 89′ during a special run when the band reverted back to the name The Warlocks as an experiment to changing the East Coast scene into a kinder place, that resonated with their beginnings and vibes.

Lastly- we get come sneak peek information about the projects Scott is working on, and thoughts on what we can look forward to for live shows in the year to come.

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Grateful Dead- St Stephen, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY, October 11, 1983

The Warlocks _AKA-Grateful Dead- Darkstar, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA, October 9, 1989

Grateful Dead- Morning Dew, Nassau Coliseum,  Uniondale, NY, May 16, 1980


Podcast- #16- Conversation with Scott W. Allen

Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast #15- Conversation with Joe Ford

Podcast #15- Conversation with Joe Ford

This weeks podcast with Joe was so much fun!

His story starts off as a kid in New Jersey who around age 9  see’s his first Steal Your Face album cover in a record store- and instinctually knows this “hippy lifestyle” needed to be further investigated….

We talk about his early East Coast touring experiences , then onto to his adventure to live in California- the Prophet on the Golden Shore- some awesome shows he saw there- my nearly there experiences at the same shows- up to present time- our on going love for the music & community- how it has shaped us & is still shaping our world today.



Grateful Dead, It Must Have Been The Rose, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY- March 10, 1981

Grateful Dead, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD, July 1, 1985

Grateful Dead, Queen Jane, Laguna Seca Race Way, Laguna Seca CA, July 29, 1988

Grateful Dead, Jack Straw, Greek Theater, Berkley CA, August 19, 1989


Podcast- #15- Conversation with Joseph Ford

Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast #14 Conversation with Tom Gruber

#14- Conversation with Tom Gruber

Tom Gruber and I sit down in Cambridge and talk about his long journey with music as a fan, into his career working with Bill Graham and managing Blues Traveler. His is a fascinating story, and our conversation I am sure barely scratches the surface! We had so much to talk about, and so many songs that were integral to his story the podcast is SUPER SIZED!  This is the first podcast in which the songs are edited down in length.. …Attached is a music only companion with the complete set list in their entirety.

Please enjoy…..!

 Featuring –

Jerry Garcia Band-  Deep Elum Blues Lunt Fontaine Theater, NY, NY- October 27, 1987 *** Tom’s fist show – talked about in podcast November 24, Capitol Theater, Passiac NJ

Grateful Dead-Franklins Tower, The Centrum, Worcester MA October 11, 1984

Grateful Dead- Gimme Some Lovin’, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA December 30, 1987

The Blues Traveler- Sweet Pain- studio version

Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias, The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA, September 10, 1990

Grateful Dead-Day Job, Community War Memorial, Rochester NY, April 16, 1985

Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street, Merriweather Post, Columbia MD, June 30, 1985


Podcast- #14 Conversation with Tom Gruber

by Jerry Garcia Band, Grateful Dead, Blues Traveler | Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast #13 Conversation With Juliet Barr

#13- Conversation with Juliet Barr-

Julia takes us along her journey and the soundtrack of her life! She introduces is to a 6 year old girl listening to her 45RPM’s  Beatles & Beach Boys-  a concert going teenager taking train into NYC- a college love story that began in a dorm with American Beauty- a young couple living on West Coast soaking in the music and scene of Bay Area in the 80’s -back to the East Coast, a mother of 3 who balances family life with seeing shows- 1995 the day when we questioned if the music was going to stop- to today where its clear it hasn’t for her- the social media community we love being a part of  & all the amazing musicians playing in bands that keeps the music and vibes alive on an almost daily basis!

Featuring –

Grateful Dead- I Know You Rider, Lewiston Fairgrounds, Lewiston ME, September 6, 1980 –

Furthur- Gloria, Doubleday Field, Cooperstown NY, July 14, 2013

Dead and Company- The Wheel, Xfinity Theater, Hartford CT, June 28, 2016-


Podcast- #13- Conversation with Juliet Barr

by Grateful Dead, Furthur Dead and Company | Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast #12 Conversation with Michael Sheridan

#12- Conversation with Michael Sheridan- His wonderful stories take us on a 30 year journey from June 27 1985 to June 27 2015. Michaels long strange trip filled with traveling- meaningful characters and having faith- is a fascinating story that resonates as the quintessential deadhead experience!


Featuring –

Grateful Dead- Stagger Lee, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY, June 27, 1985

Grateful Dead- Iko Iko, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 31, 1987

Fare Thee Well- Cumberland Blues, Levi Stadium, Santa Clara CA, June 27, 2015


Podcast- #12- Conversation with Michael Sheridan

by Grateful Dead & Fare Thee Well | Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast #11- Conversation with Ian Bernstein

#11- Conversation with Second Generation Deadhead- Ian Bernstein

***Plus Special Guest COSMIC CHARLIE!! 

Featuring –

Grateful Dead- Fire on the Mountain, Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithica NY, May 8, 1977

Dead and Company- Row Jimmy, Xfinity Theater, Hartford CT, June 28, 2016

Grateful Dead- Darkstar, Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, February 14, 1968


Podcast- #11- Conversation with Ian Bernstein

by Grateful Dead, Dead and Company | Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

Podcast # 10- Conversation with Brian Markovitz AKA Happy Cat!

#10- Conversation with Brian Markovitz ~AKA~Happy Cat- the man behind DEADHEADLAND!!

Website- www.deadheadlandlands #deadheadland -Facebook- Twitter- Instagram

So much fun getting to go along the journey with Brian Markovitz AKA Happy Cat the creator and man behind Deadheadland! We start off with his early music experiences- how he happened onto seeing a Dead Show at The US Festival’s breakfast with The Dead in 1982- which would change his life!

Brian shares the story of the inspiration behind Deadheadland- the happiest place for deadheads on earth- while in Los Angeles and Jerry was enjoying a day at Disneyland !

Deadleadland- serving up hot set lists and news for hungry deadheads- a place to check out for all the latest music updates!


Grateful Dead- Men are Smart, Woman are Smarter, US Festival, San Bernadino CA, September 5, 1982

Jerry Garcia Band- Don’t Let Up, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, November November 13, 1990

Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias- Fire on the Mountain, Cal Expo, Sacramento CA, August 6, 1989

Grateful Dead- Morning Dew, Sam Silver Bowl, Las Vegas NV, May 20, 1995


Podcast- #10 Conversation Brian Markovitz

by Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast # 9- Conversation with Andrew Rose

#9- Conversation with Andrew Rose- Digging Into HOT East Coast Venues

Comes a Time, Grateful Dead, War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY, May 9, 1977

Franklin’s Tower, Grateful Dead, Capital Center, Landover MD, November 23, 1978

Truckin’- Smockstack Lightning, Grateful Dead,  Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, March 28, 1985


Podcast #9- Conversation with Andrew Rose

by Grateful Dead | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast #8 Conversation with Michael Keene

#8- Conversation with Michael Keane- Deadhead and Musician – Facebook page MiKeane & Co

Lost Sailor, Grateful Dead- Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, November 2, 1979

Lost Sailor- Saint of Circumstance, Dead and Company, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC, November 14, 2015

Let it Grow- Grateful Dead, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA, April 14, 1984

Blow Away- Grateful Dead, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia PA, July 7, 1989

Estimated Prophet- Dead and Company, Fenway, Boston MA, July 16, 2016


Podcast #8- Conversation with Michael Keane

by Grateful Dead - Dead And Company | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast # 7 Conversation with David Bourne

#7, Conversation with David Bourne, 21 Century Deadhead and Blogger- Plus Special Guest* “The Chicken Shack Guy”

The Wheel – Grateful Dead, Hofheinz Pavillion, University of Houston, Houston TX. October 14, 1977

Mississippi Half Step Toodeloo – Dead and Company, Xfinity Theater, Hartford CT, June 28, 2016

U.S. Blues – Further, Onestar Memorial War Memorial, Syracuse NY, November 11, 2011

#7 Podcast with David Bourne, 21 Century Deadhead.

by Grateful Dead - Dead And Company- Further | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast # 6 Conversation with David Davis

Conversation with David Davis

Featuring the Grateful Dead:
Mission in the Rain, Boston Music Hall, Boston MA, June 12, 1976.
Might as Well,  Coldpark, Hartford CT,
Sampson & Delilah, August 2, 1976.
Truckin’, Broome County Arena, Binghampton NY, November 6, 1977

#6 Podcast with David Davis-Deadhead& Blogger @

by Grateful Dead | Mission in the Rain | Might as Well | Sampson & Delilah | Truckin' | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast- #5 Conversation with Jeff Hoffman

Conversation Jeff Hoffman

Grateful Dead – Greatest Story Ever Told, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT, April 4, 1986
Dead and Company – Brown Eyed Woman, Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, June 16, 2016
Grateful Dead – US Blues, Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura CA, July 13, 1985

# 5 Podcast with Jeff Hoffman

by Grateful Dead / Dead and Co. | Greatest Story Ever Told | Brown Eyed Woman | US Blues | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast #4 Conversation with Sam Seas

Conversation with Sam Seas : Former Stranger, New Friend, Diehard Fan

Featured Music:
Comes A Time – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN- October 19, 1971
Ripple – American Beauty, Studio Recording, November 1, 1971
Attics of My Life – Vetrans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale NY, April 4, 1994

Conversation with Sam Seas

by Grateful Dead | Comes a Time | Ripple | Attics Of My Life | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

Podcast #3- Conversation with Doug Levallee

Conversation with Doug Levallee, owner of Scarlet Begonias Restaurant and Deadhead! Check out their website at .

This is Strangers Stopping Strangers first conversation with a stranger that became a friend through Grateful Dead music.

Featuring the Grateful Dead:
Werewolves of London, Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA May 11, 1978,
Feels Like A Stranger, Robert F Kennedy Stadium, Washington DC July 12, 1990,
Scarlet Begonias, Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA, May 11, 1978

# 3 Conversation with Doug Levallee

by The Grateful Dead | Werewolves of London | Feels Like A Stranger | Scarlet Begonias | Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast with Staci Smith

Podcast #2 Conversation with Wendy Gold

Podcast #2 Conversation with Wendy Gold,  Visit her at www.artonglobes,

Strangers Stopping Strangers first Podcast conversation!  A special conversation- with my very dear friend that inspired me to ” get into the conversation”  Inspiration Move Me Brightly!

Featuring the Grateful Dead:
Terrapin Station, Boston Garden, Boston MA, May 7 1977
Box of Rain, Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas NV, April 28 1991
Franklins Tower, The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA, October 10 1989

# 2 Conversation with Wendy Gold

by The Greateful Dead | Terrapin Station | Box of Rain | Franklins Tower | Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

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