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Podcast #55 – Coversation With Charlie Miller Part 2

Podcast #55 – Coversation With Charlie Miller Part 2

Podcast #55- Conversation with Charlie Miller Part 2

This weeks podcast is with Charlie Miller – prolific taper- is the first Part 2 podcast on Strangers Stopping Strangers!

Charlie brought so many amazing song picks – 9 choices- to his podcast that it was decided it should be savored in 2 episodes. This week we hear the second set.

We ended Podcast #54 in Drums from the December 31, 1990 NYE show- and will welcome back with Space from the same night…..

As always- thank you for stopping by & enjoy!

Featured Music~

The Grateful Dead- Space, Oakland CA, December 31, 1990

The Grateful Dead- Peggy-O Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, March 28, 1985

The Grateful Dead-Looks Like Rain, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY September 21, 1982

The Grateful Dead- Jack Straw, Meadowlands Area, East Rutherford NJ, April 6, 1987,

The Grateful Dead- Bertha, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY, September 5, 1979

The Grateful Dead- Death Have No Mercy, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA, September 29, 1989


Podcast #55- Conversation With Charlie Miller Part 2

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #54 – Coversation With Charlie Miller Part 1

Podcast #54 – Coversation With Charlie Miller Part 1

Podcast #54- Conversation with Charlie Miller Part 1

This weeks podcast is with Charlie Miller – one of the most prolific tapers in The Grateful Dead archives!

Charlie has uploaded about 3000 shows up onto website, the source of happiness for many Deadheads- as well as the source for the majority of the music I upload for this podcast. The availability of music from 30 years of music for everyone to enjoy is something we are all very grateful for!

Charlie and I met close to 30 years ago in 1989 in the Bay Area. through my high school deadhead friend Katie Brown ( still one of my closest friend) When his name came up in podcast #50- a friend asked if Charlie would be on one day…..I reached out to him on Facebook and reconnected all these years later. Charlie was extremely gracious about anything I may need – music – and I said I would love to share his music picks and stories one day. He was game- and here we are!

When I asked Charlie for his music selections , 3-5 songs, he came back with 7 songs- which became 8- and then maybe 9. In the grand scheme of all the music that has passed through his hands and ears- who was I to limit his selection? I also had a feeling that he would be picking the songs for their entirety – and editing the songs down wouldn’t be conducive to this podcast- these 9 songs were picked for a reason. With 9 full length songs and our conversation- I was looking at a 2 1/2 hour podcast….I then decided to mix things up, and do the first 2 part podcast! We end with Drums from New Years Eve 1990- a memorable show we were at together with Katie- and return with Space for Part 2.

I had so much fun catching up and  hearing Charlie’s stories that go back to 1979- lots of adventures- and so interesting to hear why these 9 songs were selected.

As always- thank you for stopping by & enjoy!

Featured Music~

The Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street,Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland CA, December 31, 1981

The Grateful Dead- Feels Like A Stranger, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD, June 26, 1984

The Grateful Dead-Althea, Morgantown Civic Center, Morgantown WV, April 10, 1983

The Grateful Dead- Good Lovin’, Fillmore East, New York, NY September 18, 1970

The Grateful Dead- Drums, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 31, 1990


Podcast #54- Conversation With Charlie Miller Part 1

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #53 – Coversation With Red Roses, Green Gold

Podcast #53 – Coversation With Red Roses, Green Gold

Podcast #53- Conversation with Red Roses Green Gold

This weeks podcast is conversations – from Red Roses, Green Gold Play  – currently showing at Minetta Theater, on Minetta Lane, New York, New York- through January 7th.

The podcast is in three segments of conversation and music selections. The first is with Gigi Pritzker, a producer for Red Roses, Green Gold. Gigi and her partner in producing Ted Rawlins came upon a scrip based on a book written by Michael Norman Mann about 4 years ago, with musical accompaniment by  Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. They took it on- Jeff Chimenti joined as musical supervisor- and opened in New York Sunday October 29!

Gigi and I talk about how this play is wonderful for those who have an affinity for the music and the culture of the Deadhead Community, and how it is exciting to have the opportunity to share with theater goers who may come away with a totally different perspective for the Grateful Dead, and the colorful stories that Hunter/Garcia so beautifully created for our imaginations.

Natalie Storrs is my next conversation. She is an actor in the play- and while she was not familiar with the Dead music before, she wanted to come on to the podcast to share about her journey getting on board. We get to talk about Jeff and how his enthusiastic and unbelievably voracious energy is 100% authentic to the man she got to work with! I love getting to watch Jeff play with that HUGE smile on his face- so this was a really fun topic- he really is enjoying the ride!

My last conversation is with Maggie Hollinbeck- and actor in the play. Maggie chose to come on to the podcast from the perspective of someone who did come into the play with experiences of her own with the Grateful Dead and the music. Maggie share with us a story about a show she saw in high school- her appreciation of the incredibly complex music- and how special the vibes are when the energy is shared between the artists and the fans……and how the cast experiences this phenomenon at times and come off the stage “blissed out ” from all the amazing energy that is shared!

When Red Roses, Green Gold reached out to me via a magnet they came across- I was excited! I have never done any kind of sponsorship of collaboration on Strangers Stopping Strangers podcast, and while I was thrilled to spread the word &  wanted it to  authentic to the podcast, which is stories and music picks from the community, We decided to stick with what I do- stories and music, and as a “sponsor”  Red Roses, Green Gold, would offer to give away a voucher to see the play- contest winners pick for which show!

Today’s podcast post on Facebook and Instagram I am going to run a contest!  Come over to Strangers Stopping Strangers on Instagram and /or Facebook- like or follow- and post an emoji story in the comment box. There are no RULES and I’m not even sure what the winner will be based exactly on- but as it goes TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING IS JUST ENOUGH

Many thank you’s to Red Roses, Green Gold for sharing a few of the stories behind the show- and for the tickets- because really, it all comes back to music and TICKETS!!!

To see/hear much more about Red Roses, Green Gold check it out at

As always- thank you for stopping by & enjoy!

Featured Music~

The Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia, L’Olympia, Paris France, May 4, 1972

The Grateful Dead-The Wheel, Nassau Coliseum , Uniondale NY, March 29, 1990

The Grateful Dead- Brokedown Palace- Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA, October 1987


Podcast #53- Conversation With Red Roses, Green Gold

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #52- Conversation with Nathan Duvall

Podcast #52- Conversation with Nathan Duvall

Podcast #52- Conversation with Nathan Duvall 

This weeks podcast with Nathan Duvall was such a BLAST!

We start off with a hello- and a thank you to the woman behind Wall Street Dead aHead Networking & our friend Deb Soloman, the friend who introduced us. Podcast #52 is the 7th guest that I have met through Deb- for those wanting to know more about who this magical Deb is and where you can find out more – check out

Nathan was so much fun to talk, such articulate & animated story teller! We hear the thoughts and meanings behind his 5 song picks. Nathan kicks it off the conversations with his first show in at Irvine Meadow’s in April 1987. We talk about the end camping era at Laguna Seca & Calaveras – Althea bringing it all together, and the musical & emotional chemistry  between Brent and Jerry in the late 80’s through Brent’s last show. Their passion and shared pain that I believe was so integral to the amazing music they created .

After Nathan and I chat & chat and play the five song picks there are still TWO more incredible stories! The first being a piece of Nathan’s family history which was mind blowing to hear and made him feel like a little less of a stranger within that branch of his family tree.  This story is the inspiration behind the artwork thumbnail- that was created by Antonio Reonegro (another member of the Dead aHead Family)  an incredible artist – to see more and learn about artwork he has created you can find him at

The second bonus story- tells about the production of music Nathan created called Ten Years Kashmir- Nathan talks about his inspiration  to ” amplify all the emotion in a specific section of a song” through his experiences with The Grateful Dead- we then get to hear & experience this awesome piece of music…..

 Podcast #52 is chock full of fun- laughs- smoking music that all I can say to sum it up is “fuck yeah”!!!

As always- thank you for stopping by & enjoy!

Featured Music~

Grateful Dead- Eyes of The World, Irvine Meadows , Irvine CA, April 17, 1987

Grateful Dead- Hell in a Bucket, Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura CA, June 14, 1987

Grateful Dead Althea, Ventura Fairgrounds, Ventura CA, June 14, 1987

Grateful Dead- Mama Tries, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA,  June, 16, 1990

Grateful Dead- Cassidy, Shoreline Ampitheater, Mountain View CA, June 21, 1989

Corner Stone Cues- Ten Years Kashmir


Podcast #52- Conversation with Nathan Duvall

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

Podcast #51-Conversation with McQuaid Family

Podcast #51-Conversation with McQuaid Family


This podcast is the first with not just one guest- but an ( almost) entire family’s worth of stories & music! Four out of the five in the Mcquaid family came together on a Sunday morning to share a few of their adventures- stories and music picks.

I met the McQuaid family- David- Kelly- Avery- Dylan and Cassidy at the Dead and Company show June 22, 2017 in Saratoga Springs New York. While camping in a nearby spot I saw a BEATUTIFUL pained bus- and went to further investigate . I was greeting by David and Kelly with a giant heap of Southern Hospitality! They welcomed me in for a tour of Sugaree- and to meet the family Avery, Dylan & Cassidy.

Sugaree was gorgeous- and everything you could dream of for a painted touring bus- and the family within it – were as kind as they get. Needless to say- I told them they would make an awesome podcast & left a magnet to stay in touch!

Their podcast tells the stories about the 2017 Dead and Company tour- Kelly and David jumping on “the bus” in 1995- the family trip to Chicago to see Fare Thee Well in 2015 (when the kids joined their parents down the Deadhead rabbit hole) their daughter Cassidy’s naming…..and more.

The McQuaids are an exceptionally special family- I’m grateful to have met- have an opportunity to share their stories &  music picks – and now are a part of my Deadhead family.

As always- thank you for stopping by & enjoy!

Featured Music~

Dead & Company- Looks Likes Rain, SPAC , Saratoga Springs NY June 21, 2017

Grateful Dead- Brokedown Palace- Boston Music Hall, Boston MA , December 1, 1973

Fare Thee Well- Attics Of My Life- Soldiers Field, Chicago IL,  July 5, 2015

Dead and Company- Ripple – Fenway Park, Boston MA, June 18, 2017

Grateful Dead- Cassidy – Without A Net


Podcast #51- Conversation with McQuaid Family

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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