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#10- Conversation with Brian Markovitz ~AKA~Happy Cat- the man behind DEADHEADLAND!!

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So much fun getting to go along the journey with Brian Markovitz AKA Happy Cat the creator and man behind Deadheadland! We start off with his early music experiences- how he happened onto seeing a Dead Show at The US Festival’s breakfast with The Dead in 1982- which would change his life!

Brian shares the story of the inspiration behind Deadheadland- the happiest place for deadheads on earth- while in Los Angeles and Jerry was enjoying a day at Disneyland !

Deadleadland- serving up hot set lists and news for hungry deadheads- a place to check out for all the latest music updates!


Grateful Dead- Men are Smart, Woman are Smarter, US Festival, San Bernadino CA, September 5, 1982

Jerry Garcia Band- Don’t Let Up, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, November November 13, 1990

Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias- Fire on the Mountain, Cal Expo, Sacramento CA, August 6, 1989

Grateful Dead- Morning Dew, Sam Silver Bowl, Las Vegas NV, May 20, 1995


Podcast- #10 Conversation Brian Markovitz

by Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band | Strangers Stopping Strangers, with Staci Smith

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