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#14- Conversation with Tom Gruber

Tom Gruber and I sit down in Cambridge and talk about his long journey with music as a fan, into his career working with Bill Graham and managing Blues Traveler. His is a fascinating story, and our conversation I am sure barely scratches the surface! We had so much to talk about, and so many songs that were integral to his story the podcast is SUPER SIZED!  This is the first podcast in which the songs are edited down in length.. …Attached is a music only companion with the complete set list in their entirety.

Please enjoy…..!

 Featuring –

Jerry Garcia Band-  Deep Elum Blues Lunt Fontaine Theater, NY, NY- October 27, 1987 *** Tom’s fist show – talked about in podcast November 24, Capitol Theater, Passiac NJ

Grateful Dead-Franklins Tower, The Centrum, Worcester MA October 11, 1984

Grateful Dead- Gimme Some Lovin’, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA December 30, 1987

The Blues Traveler- Sweet Pain- studio version

Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias, The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA, September 10, 1990

Grateful Dead-Day Job, Community War Memorial, Rochester NY, April 16, 1985

Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street, Merriweather Post, Columbia MD, June 30, 1985


Podcast- #14 Conversation with Tom Gruber

by Jerry Garcia Band, Grateful Dead, Blues Traveler | Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

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