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Podcast #16 Conversation with Scott W Allen

This weeks podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Scott W Allen- Deadhead- Teacher & Author!

Scott wrote the book Aces Back to Back, published in 1992. A second addition was released in early 2014, and Facebook page named Aces Back to Back- that was created to support- my first taste with Grateful Dead & Social Media. I read (and loved) the book, started followed the fantastic site and was HOOKED! I never knew there was an entire community on line with daily updates on music history, pictures, show links etc….since then it’s been a deep dive, that ultimately inspired this podcast, & wanting to “get into the conversation”.

Scott takes on his journey that “led up to this day”. His transition from being a rock n roll loving teenager going to concerts to his first Dead “show”. We hear about adventures throughout the years – travelling through the US, seeing the country and all those amazing shows along the way.  We talk about his hunt for some of the elusive songs the band held back through the 80’s- and pay out of hearing those first chords of St Stephen in 83′ at Nassau Coliseum  & Darkstar in 89′ during a special run when the band reverted back to the name The Warlocks as an experiment to changing the East Coast scene into a kinder place, that resonated with their beginnings and vibes.

Lastly- we get come sneak peek information about the projects Scott is working on, and thoughts on what we can look forward to for live shows in the year to come.

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Grateful Dead- St Stephen, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY, October 11, 1983

The Warlocks _AKA-Grateful Dead- Darkstar, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA, October 9, 1989

Grateful Dead- Morning Dew, Nassau Coliseum,  Uniondale, NY, May 16, 1980


Podcast- #16- Conversation with Scott W. Allen

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