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Podcast #17- Conversation with Michelle Rothe & Extra Guest Chicken Shack

This weeks podcast is very special to me- and so fun to make! My guest is far from a stranger stopping a stranger, it is my first best friend, and big sister Michelle- so welcome to the family!

Michelle – as many older siblings, was very instrumental to me listening to the Dead, and wanting to go see a show. Our amazing Auntie Annie introduced us both to the music in our teen years… for both us the ties are steeped in family. Todays podcast starts with her adventures into the scene as a senior in high school, seeing The Grateful Dead at Laguna Seca Raceway in 1987- with me dying to tag alone… when I jumped onto the bus, and away we went down the rabbit hole!

Our conversation takes us through the late 80’s- early 90’s- highlighted with the Grateful Dead’s last New Year’s Eve show 1991 into 1992. Fast forwards to Michelle enjoying later New Years Furthur shows with her husband Chris – and to Dead and Company this past summer in 2016 at Fenway……a  journey that has been filled with love- memories , fun and a whole lot a dancing and shaking our family’s Shakedown Street.

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Touch of Grey, Laguna Seca Raceway, Laguna Seca Ca, May 9, 1987

Grateful Dead -Estimated Prophet, Cal Expo Ca, August 14, 1991

Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 31, 1991

Furthur- Shakedown Street, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 31, 2011

Dead and Company- Music Never Stopped, Fenway Park, Boston MA,  July 15, 2016

 ***- Please stay tuned post podcast for a stop in from Chicken Shack- He has some timely insights from Uncle Sam and our current state of US Blues

Podcast- #17- Conversation with Michelle Rothe & and Extra Guest Chicken Shack

Strangers Stopping Strangers with Staci Smith

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