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Podcast #18- Conversation with Fat_Man_Rocks- AKA Dave the Lawyer

This podcast is textbook for Strangers Stopping Strangers – a stranger meeting a stranger and hearing their stories, songs and magical experiences that brought him into the Deadhead community- hook, line and sinker!

Fat_Man _Rocks- is what I am consider a leader in the Grateful Dead Twitter community. He shows up everyday- often multiply times a day to share lyrics- pictures- and delivers an overall smile for people to enjoy-  and TONS & TONS of people follow him for this reason. There is no business- website- or anything commerce related to his tweets.  It is simply for the joy of it, for himself and the community!

Of course I wanted to know the man behind the Jerry avatar- and so here we are! We  get the chance to meet Dave, hear some fabulous stories from his experiences at shows- songs that were game changers- a couple birthday celebrations- and a classic road trip to Las Vegas in 1991!

This podcast was so fun to make- because Dave is that deadhead you met in the Shakedown Street section of the lot– shared a bowl & a dance with- and found out you were parked next to his car on the way out …..

Thank you for listening- and enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Comes A Time-The Other Ones- Criptical Envelope- Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati OH, June 24, 1985

Grateful Dead -Row Jimmy, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT March 26, 1987

Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street, Civic Arena, Pittsburg PA, April 2, 1989

Grateful Dead- Deal, Sam Silver Bowl, Las Vegas NV, April 28, 1991


Podcast #18- Fat_Man_Rocks- AKA Dave the Lawyer

Strangers Stopping Strangers

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