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Podcast #20- Conversation with Scott Guberman- Professional Musician

I am thrilled for this weeks podcast with Scott Guberman- professional musician- keyboard and vocals. While the music played on the past 19 podcasts have ranged from Grateful Dead- to Grateful Dead incarnation bands- today you get to hear stories and music played all in one!

Scott shares his incredibly inspirational story filled with gratitude and nothing less than “pinch me I must be dreaming” feelings. His story beginning like many of us deadheads hearing a Grateful Dead show in the late 80’s- MSG New York – and leaving a person with a whole new perspective on music- and the magic you get from seeing the band play. Being a musician-experiencing the Dead- not only changed what he listen to- but what he played and was inspired by!

Years of playing with talented musicians on the East Coast gave Scott lots of experiences playing East Coast tours- was wonderful- but he still had his eye on playing with core Grateful Dead band members- so Scott and his wonderful wife decided to take a trip out to Northern California for a vacation- and see where life takes them!

The next part of the story is pure magic- and his dreams comes true-……and leads us into the music choices that are chosen to listen to today!

Thank you for listening- and ENJOY!

Scott Guberman Band- We Can Run- Berkley Music Festival August 12, 2016

Stu Allen and Friends- Estimated Prophet- Sweetwater Saloon, Mill Valley CA February 2, 2016

Scott Guberman Solo- Songs of Their Own-Darkstar


Podcast #20- Scott Guberman

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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