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Podcast #21- Chuck Harris- SUPER FAN

This weeks podcast’s guest I think is best described as a SUPER FAN- of The Grateful Dead- of music and of life.

The reason we met one could say is circumstantially less than ideal- but since we have connected, first on email, than text and now over phone, has been very impactful- in the best way possible,

Chuck stumbled upon the podcast while receiving treatments. He is a voracious listener of music – always- but while in treatment  he explains how the music takes him to San Francisco’s  Winter land in 1972 or to MSG in 1988- really all over the world- at every and any time. He loves the deadhead community, and was so happy to listen to the stories and music together on Strangers Stopping Strangers podcast!

I am one of MANY people who have entered into Chucks life in recent years. People that have added to his therapy through the music & community. There are some pretty incredible names in this line up- but I’ll save that for Chuck to share. These stories are just a small selection of all the amazing support- love &music that has embraced him.

A true ray of light- who uses more emoji’s in his correspondence – to exude as much LOVE-MUSIC-MAGIC-DANCING-as possible (I thought I was liberal with them :)! ) He is one of the most passionate and grateful people I have spoken to- and such an honor to hear and share some stories and music !!

Please enjoy!


        Jerry Garcia Band- After Midnight – Kean College, Union County NJ, February 28, 1980  ***-After Midnight- Eleanor Rigby-        After Midnight Reprise on Music Only Companion

Grateful Dead- The Victim Or The Crime, Miami Arena, Miami FL, October 26, 1989

Phil Lesh and Friends-St Stephen, Lockin Music Festival, Oakridge Farm, Arrington VI, August 28, 2016

Chris Robinson Brotherhood -Poor Elijah / Tribute To R.Johnson, Beachland Ballroom, Clevland OH, September 25, 2016



Podcast #21- Chuck Harris

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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