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Podcast #22- Conversation with Matt Day- Deadhead from Down Under

This weeks podcast is Strangers Stopping Strangers first international guest!

Matt lives in Byron Bay, Australia- connecting one another is the really the ultimate in “stranger meeting a stranger”- and “weir are everywhere” all in one!

Matt’s story is a fun one! As this podcast goes, we start at the beginning- finding Grateful Dead music, beyond the classic studio releases- in Melbourne in the mid 1980’s was a bit of a challenge, but did not deter Matt from his path to becoming a committed Deadhead! A couple deadheads come into his life, and leave behind some tapes- and the rest really was history.

Matt’s stories take us to the US, some stories a little sketchy for a young guy hailing from the beaches of pre-urbanized Melbourne, and of course some stories are filled with crazy road trip adventures filled with love & magic- which has him coming back to see the music and be part of the community -as often as he can. In the middle of all these memories , Matt tells us about his Grateful Dead radio show, I think is a dream for all us deadheads !

Before the podcast- after we met and became friends, Matt shared with me an essay he wrote from his experience at Fare Thee Well Summer 2015.  It is so beautiful- and brought me right along as if I was in his pocket. I am sharing this for you to as well- the link is attached.  matt-day-fare-thee-well

As always- Enjoy!


Grateful Dead- Wharf Rat, Fillmore East, New York, NY, April 27 1971 * Skull and Roses

Grateful Dead- Bird Song, Great Western Forum, Inglewood CA, December 9, 1989 * Without A Net

Furthur- Mountain Song-I Know You Rider, Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco CA, December 31, 2010

Phil and Friends, Fire On The Mountain, Terrapin Crossings, San Rafael CA, December 19, 2014


Podcast #22- Matt Day

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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