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Podcast #24- Rick Bedell

Todays Podcast is the first one of 2017- Happy New Year Everyone!!

This weeks podcast is Rick Bedell- a friend that I met this past November, through his live streaming 24/7 radio station- Fish Creek Radio. When I looked up the site and saw the philosophical statements- Art is Music and Music is Art & Borderless Music Therapy  I knew I needed to meet this guy and dig in a little deeper! A few days after we spoke, he put the podcast onto his Saturday, otherwise know as “Deadurday” at the esteemed 4:20 time spot! Since then we have become friends, and I have learned a bit about what led him to this day. I asked if he wanted to be a guest and share- and here we are!

Strangers Stopping Stranger’s podcast belongs to the guest and what they want to share with the community. Many have followed the sequences of shows they have attended- stories about those adventures. Because each deadhead is unique, their podcast is as well- and will continue to be so. Rick picked out a few of the songs that are significant to him- and meaningful as to how he lives his life. They are all stellar versions, chosen from live sow albums. Mid way through our conversation, I realized that this was so fitting for the first podcast of 2017. I not only learned about Rick, but took away some beautiful insights, that will hopefully stay with me as we roll into the new year.

We talk about Fishcreek Radio- his passion, what they do-  the people involved who are “really a bunch of hippies in Michigan” having the best time creating interesting music selections  for the world to enjoy- I have attached the link below for you to check out!

As always- thank you for listening- enjoy- and cheers to 2017!


Grateful Dead- Jack Straw- Go To Nassau, Nassau Coliseum , Uniondale NY, May 15/16 1980

Jerry Garcia Band- Orpheum Theater, San Francisco CA, May 21, 1976

Grateful Dead- When I Paint My Masterpiece- Knickerbocker Area, Albany NY, March 24-26, 1990

Grateful Dead- We Can Run, Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford NJ, October 14, 1989

Jerry Garcia Band-My Sisters and Brothers, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA, August 1, 1990




Podcast #24- Conversation with Rick Bedell

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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