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Podcast #25- Jill Matlow

This weeks podcast with Jill Matlow is filled with love-memories- family – friends and the magic that surrounds being a Deadhead!

Jill’s story starts out listening to some vinyl shared by her older cousins- which turns into a 30 + year love affair with the music and community.

Her first show in college in Ithaca in 1982 began the live music portion of her story- which followed her back to Philadelphia and the love story is officially was ON!

We get to hear about fun stories at Giant Stadium- and Grateful Dead busting out the elusive Unbroken Chain on their last run at The Spectrum.

When Fare Thee Well comes along- Jill tapped into her creative side and decorated her colorful envelopment -ala past days of Grateful Dead lottery shows- and got tickets to go to Chicago for July 4! Her experience there exudes the lyrics from that nights song pick Stella Blue- and “all the years combined- they melt into a dream”

Jill is a writer, you can find work her at www.fiftyis I have attached 2 additional links below, for articles she has written about her life as a Deadhead.

I am always so happy to meet new friends through Strangers Stopping Strangers,  Jill and I now have a date on the books to meet up at Tree of Life show on February 25  (link on Rob Rosman’s podcast #23) to hear some great music and make some more memories!


Grateful Dead- Eyes Of The World- Onodaga Auditorium, Ithaca NY, April  8, 1982

Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street, Giant Stadium, Rutherford NJ, July 9, 1989

Grateful Dead-Unbroken Chain, The Sprectrum,  Philadelphia PA, March 19, 1995

Fare Three Well- Stella Blue, Soldiers Field, Chicago IL, July 4, 2015




Podcast #25- Conversation with Jill Matlow

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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