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Podcast #26- Jeff Rosen- 

This weeks podcast with Jeff Rosen was a really fun conversation- lots of laughing! Jeff were put in touch while I was in CA through our mutual friends Kat and Morgan – as the guy I needed to talk to – to sweet talk myself into a couple tickets to see Stu Allen & Mars Hotel for New Years Eve  2016 into 2017 in Marin County.

We spoke, and a few minutes into the call, he was going to make it happen! Jeff is a chef and a caterer in Northern Ca, and regularly hosts an evening called dinner and a show. He includes friends that enjoy the music scene, invites a great band & cooks up some dinner for everyone. A passion for live music+ his talents as a chef= I am sure a great night for all!

My sister and I ended up going, and having the BEST time! AMAZING band- fantastic little venue- great food & free water- what more could a girl ask for to welcome in 2017!

Jeff told me a bit about his story, an East Coast transplant to California, touring in 1980’s- and a music enthusiast for over 35 years, I called him when I got back- and here we are!

I am sure you will enjoy Jeff’s journey as much as I did, filled with lots of adventures, fabulous shows- as always wonderful music selections.


Grateful Dead- Bird Song, Radio City Music Hall ,NYC NY October 31, 1980

Grateful Dead- Lost Sailor- Saint of Circumstance Broome County Arena, Binghampton NY, April 12, 1983

Grateful Dead- Cold Rain And Snow- Hershey Park, Hersey PA,  June 28, 1985

Grateful Dead- Far From Me- Town Park, Telluride CO, August 16, 1987



Podcast #26- Conversation with Jeff Rosen

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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