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Podcast #27- Wendy Rutland

This weeks podcast with Wendy Rutland was a blast to make! Wendy and I meeting is an awesome example of a stranger meeting a stranger & immediately becoming friends with being Deadheads being the common denominator. Wendy, has spent 20 years working in the film industry.  Her passion is music and was worked with a number of big artists. Wendy has a 7 yo son who is a walking Beatles Encyclopedia, she hopes to bring him to see Dead & Co in the near future. Nothing makes Wendy happier than ample space for hardcore dancing

After “meeting” on phone we decided to make the podcast 30 minutes later- a pretty big feat for Wendy- a Deadhead with such a vast amount of love for the music to make song selections & a treasure trove of stories to pick though- I think she did an amazing job!

Wendy picked out some songs that resonate with her on a daily level- her feelings behind the choices  & chose some amazing tales to share. She take us from Alaska with some Acid Test reenactments. Egypt where she lived and paid homage to the 1978 tour, England where she was living the day Jerry died and she discovered her picture in the Dozin’ at the Nick artwork, and finally an incredibly fun story in NYC including Howard Stern- a tube top- and a chance to win tickets to see The Dead play with Steve Miller at Giant Stadium.

I had so much fun to get to know Wendy and looking forward to some hi jinks together down the Golden Road.


Grateful Dead- Terrapin Station, Gizah Sound and Light Theater, Giza Egypt, September 15, 1978

Grateful Dead- Viola Lee Blues, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 1967

Grateful Dead- Viola Lee Blues, The Arc, Boston MA, April 21, 1969

Grateful Dead- High Times, Workingmans Dead



Podcast #27- Conversation with Wendy Rutland

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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