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Podcast #28- Conversation with Jesse Jarnow

This weeks podcast with Jesse Jarnow- journalist and author of Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America was awesome to get to make & have no doubt it will be a fun listen!

Jesse and I talk start off the conversations with some characters from in his book, that have influenced psychedelia’s world culture & The Grateful Dead’s involvements in the journey. We talk about his early days with music, discovering the Grateful Dead- and his experience at a show in NYC. Being a journalist, music, and looking for interesting off the beat topics to explore with readers, and finally his thoughts on music with future generations of both musicians and listeners alike.

This podcast is fantastic- not only for the insightful conversations- but per all the podcasts for the MUSIC too! Jesse selected 5 songs that including recently released recordings of Jerry Garcia in 1962 with a band called the Hart Valley Drifters- a tape of Jerry and Phil playing Wandering Man – The Grateful Dead experimenting with the so-called Beautiful Jam at The Capitol Theater in 1971- Jerry’s rendition of Accidentally Like A Martyr recorded in 1977, and finally Robert Hunter singing Box of Rain from the album Jack o’ Roses. I heard all of these songs for the first time while creating this podcast- I would imagine there will be some first time listening out there for you too!

I have attached Jesse’s website that includes information about pieces he has written – and where to find them- and of course the book is

Heads : A Biography of Psychedelic America- available at bookstores and online.

Thank you for tuning in- and enjoy!

Featured Music-

Hart Valley Drifters ( Jerry Garcia) – Sitting On Top Of the World, Folk Time Album, Palo Alto, CA, 1962

Jerry Garcia & Phil Lesh- Wandering Man, Los Angeles CA, 1966

Grateful Dead- so called Beautiful Jam, The Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY, February 18, 1971

Jerry Garcia Accidentally Like A Martyr – All Good Things Box Set, August 1977

Robert Hunter- Box of Rain, Jack o’ Roses, 1980




Podcast #28- Conversation with Jesse Jarnow

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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