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Podcast #29- Leo Gauthier

This weeks podcast is an person conversation- so I really got to shake Leo’s hand- well, actually we welcomed each other like family with a big hug!

Leo shares his stories, that begin with him literally getting on a bus in Worcester MA for his first show October 21,1983, where a whole new world was waiting to greet him. Walking into the sights ,smells & family atmosphere, it was ON……when The Music Never Stopped opened the show, it really was the beginning of the music never stopping for Leo!

Leo takes us through his early days as a teenager in New England- onto tour in the late 80’s. There is so much ground to cover we do a speed round of highlights from 87′- 95′. In 1995 after his last Grateful Dead show, the saying when a door closes a window opens proves to be the case. Leo shares his stories about promoting music for Slipknot in New England,  Dick’s Pick parties and the rest of the journey that led up to this day.

Leo is still pursuing his passion for promoting the music and Deadhead community, you can catch up with what he has going on via his Facebook page- Leo Gauthier Productions- website soon to follow.

As always, so much fun to meet a stranger- shake their hand – and now have someone that is a friend- and a local one at that!

Thank you for tuning in- and enjoy!

Featured Music-

Grateful Dead- Music Never Stopped, The Centrum, Worcester MA October 21, 1983

Grateful Dead- Morning Dew, MSG, NYC, NY September 18, 1987

Grateful Dead- Help on the Way- Slipknot- Franklin’s Tower June 22, 1995

Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias- Fire on the Mountain Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, November 1, 1979






Podcast #29- Conversation with Leo Gauthier

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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