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Podcast #33- Papa Bear ~ May The Four Winds Blow You Safely Home

This weeks podcast is an in person conversation! Papa Bear and I got a chance to meet and talk about his journey with The Grateful Dead- the Deadhead community & friends that become family along the way.

We start as many of these stories do at his first show, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro MA, July 2 1989. Papa Bear didn’t initially pick a song from this show, but after talking about it- we just had to take a side road and add Eyes of the World- the perfect song from that set list for t for the dawning of a new Deadhead.

Papa Bear tells the stories about a close friend that he met shortly after that first show, who was integral to his life discovering new music and philosophies to live by. After the impromptu 7-2-89 music pick the songs chosen are all entwined with this relationship- and the journey they were on together.

We had so much fun-  a lot of laughs and smiles. The extra bonus to getting to meet a “stranger” in person, is getting not just a hopeful plan to see some music together one day- but a firm date & to go out and shake our bones together in the next few months!

Thank you for tuning in- and enjoy!

Featured Music-

Grateful Dead- Eyes of the World , Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro MA, July 2, 1989,

Grateful Dead-Bill Graham Intro- Help on the Way – Slipknot- The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA, August 13, 1975

Grateful Dead-Terrapin- Sunrise- University of Vermont Patrick Gymnasium, Burlington VT, May 6, 1978

Jerry Garcia Band- I Be With Thee- Warner Theater, Washington DC, March 18, 1978






Podcast #33- Conversation with Papa Bear

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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