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Podcast #34- Conversation with Ira Haberman

This weeks podcast I get to talk to Ira Haberman- a man that when Googled comes up as “a storyteller” – so needless to say its a great conversation!

Ira and I met in the way I meet many “strangers” through various social media. Ira hosts a podcast called the Sound Podcast, a fantastic listen- where he speaks with musicians, authors, and others related to music- Grateful Dead  inspired  & into other great genres of music.

One of the thing that is different on this podcast is while most all of the “guests” are strangers when we initially connect, we usually chat on the phone and talk a bit about their back rounds & discuss the music selections. Ira and I talked for the first time on the podcast- so its really a stranger meeting a stranger, hearing and sharing the stories and insights to the community for the first time. We did have a technology blip-  so the back half was recorded a few days later- he refers to an “earlier conversation” on an observation- so do want to come clean on that!

The other thing that is a little different is I ask people to pick 3-5 songs- a difficult task for all.  Ira came back to me with the Help-Slip-Franklin (really that’s just one song, right?!?) and to fully round out his experiences there is a bonus pick of Blow Away-  the collective 6 songs fully highlight each of the band members lead songs & different incarnations of this band beyond description we all love so much!

Featured Music~

Grateful Dead-Jack Straw, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, December 28, 1991

Grateful Dead- Bill Graham Intro- Help on the Way – Slipknot- Franklins Tower, The Great American Hall, August 13, 1975

Grateful Dead- Saint of Circumstance, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, May 15/16 1980

Fare Thee Well- Althea, Soldier Field, Chicago IL, July 5, 2015

Grateful Dead- Eyes of The World, Boston Garden, Boston MA, April 2, 1973

Grateful Dead- Blow Away, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, July 7, 1989







Podcast #34- Conversation with Ira Haberman

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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