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Podcast #37- Conversation with Ashley Beth

This weeks podcast I got the opportunity to talk to & become friends with Ashley Beth- a fantastic woman and the singer for the band Sugar Lime Blue!

The connection to a Grateful Dead based podcast and the connection with Sugar Lime Blue reveals its self throughout our conversation, and within the music selection. One of the most important roots of Deadheads- and the people who follow Sugar Lime Blue, is community. How this podcast came to be is the ultimate expression of that sense of community- a Deadhead & Huge Sugar Lime Blue Fan, (or perhaps Sugar Lime Blue Head?) suggested we talk many, many times on Twitter- and sent an email saying how much he would enjoy this podcast- thank you to pjl1015-  I was into it,  Strangers Stopping Strangers is all about meeting new like minded people, and was thrilled when Ashley was up for it too!

While there are many things I love about this conversation, one of the coolest is Ashley’s perspective as song writer- singer and a member of a band. It is not that often that you get an opportunity to have such insightful conversation- with someone so relate-able about such topics. And most of all- we had so much FUN!

The best way to find out whats happening with music and tours of Sugar Lime Blue is their website – you can also find them on YouTube ( they do a super cool Sunday shout out eachweek) and of course on Facebook- Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you & enjoy-

Featured Music~

Grateful Dead- Althea, Uptown Theater, Chicago IL, December 5, 1979

Sugar Lime Blue- Morning Dew- Dead Covers Project

Sugar Lime Blue- Flying- Studio

Grateful Dead- Cold Rain And Snow- Uptown Theater, Chicago IL, December 5,1979







Podcast #37- Conversation with Ashley Beth

by Strangers Stopping Strangers

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